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where is DH scholarship on the web?

<a href="" target="_blank">Digital Humanities Now</a> and the <a href="" target="_blank">Journal of Digital Humanities</a> are experimental publications that aim to surface digital humanities scholarship from the open web and highlight work that moves the field forward. But where is this work and how can we discover it? We have a particular editorial and technical method, but […]

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Tools and Tactics for Advocacy and Outreach

N.B.: I began this post before seeing John Glover‘s Shock and Awe proposal. These could easily be combined. For those lucky enough to have jobs that directly relate to the Digital Humanities, whether you’re working in academia, museums, libraries, or archives, part of your job is to advocate to the unconvinced. While those that created […]

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Build a Repository of DH Job Letters, T&P Files

Although there are some examples out there of people’s DH job application letters and tenure & promotion materials, there’s no central repository of professional materials to help guide people through what should be a straightforward process of presenting one’s credentials. Those of us who have served on hiring committees have all read great and terrible […]

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Designing DH websites in public humanities with multimodal functions (mapping, archiving, crowd sourcing, and curating)

David Phillips and Tyler Pruitt, Wake Forest University What do you need to consider in planning and designing a website for a DH project meant as both a resource for the public and a vehicle for outreach and public input? What strategies can you employ in creating such a site? We would like to explore and […]

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Papers of the War Department Transcribathon

Fire destroyed the War Department office in 1800. For decades historians believed that its files, and the window they provide into the early federal government, had been lost forever. The Papers of the War Department project unites copies of over 45,000 documents from the lost files in a digital archive that reconstitutes this invaluable historical […]

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More about NARA transcribathon and tagathon

Meredith Stewart and colleagues from the National Archives will be running Transcribathon and Tagathon sessions on Friday, June 7. Here’s her description: Staff from the National Archives will lead participants in tagging and transcribing historical records through the agency’s Citizen Archivist Dashboard. Participants will be able to provide feedback and suggestions on improving tools and […]

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