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Designing DH websites in public humanities with multimodal functions (mapping, archiving, crowd sourcing, and curating)

David Phillips and Tyler Pruitt, Wake Forest University What do you need to consider in planning and designing a website for a DH project meant as both a resource for the public and a vehicle for outreach and public input?¬†What strategies can you employ in creating such a site? We would like to explore and […]

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Imagining THATClass: Move over STEM, Make Room for THAT!

Why should STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) have all the fun? It is time for the humanities to embrace the studio model as a pedagogical means to foster intellectual curiosity. MIT has NuVu; let’s create THATClass! Bring your ideas on partnerships, collaboration, technology integration, hands-on projects, uncovering content, and ways to apply knowledge and […]

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QGIS Introduction

The value of GIS in the humanities has been heavily discussed over the last few years, but it remains difficult for most humanists to get started and explore new methodologies, vocabularies, software, and procedures. This fully introductory session will go over: how to install QGIS (a free, open-source alternative to ArcGIS) basic concepts of GIS […]

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