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where is DH scholarship on the web?

<a href="" target="_blank">Digital Humanities Now</a> and the <a href="" target="_blank">Journal of Digital Humanities</a> are experimental publications that aim to surface digital humanities scholarship from the open web and highlight work that moves the field forward. But where is this work and how can we discover it? We have a particular editorial and technical method, but […]

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Digital storytelling for humanists

Long long ago…. Once upon a time… Digital storytelling is buzzy right now, and I think it would be interesting to gather and talk about what that means for the way humanists communicate with the public. This could be in terms of personal or organization branding or presenting research. I’d also like to dig into […]

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building a repository of publishing contracts

This is a call for help and contributions for a project that (if I get some collaborators) might be part of the maker challenge or might be something that lays the groundwork for a future project. One of the tricky things about agreeing to and negotiating contracts for publishing something is an unfamiliarity with the […]

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JSTOR Data for Research workshop

In this workshop we will provide both a general overview of the JSTOR Data for Research (DfR) service and a “how to” for using Hadoop and cloud computing for text mining large datasets. For the big data mining portion of the workshop we will be using a large dataset consisting of the JSTOR Early Journal […]

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