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Collaboration Across Institutional Boundaries

I’d like to propose a discussion session on the whole issue of collaboration across institutions. ¬†William Pannapacker recently wrote in the Chronicle about the potential value of creating partnerships between research institutions and teaching colleges. ¬†He mentions one good example as his starting point. There are other kinds of examples such as the collaboration between […]

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Tools and Tactics for Advocacy and Outreach

N.B.: I began this post before seeing John Glover‘s Shock and Awe proposal. These could easily be combined. For those lucky enough to have jobs that directly relate to the Digital Humanities, whether you’re working in academia, museums, libraries, or archives, part of your job is to advocate to the unconvinced. While those that created […]

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Shock & Awe, Business Cards, and the DH Elevator Pitch

We all have to summarize research, promote ourselves, and win over indifferent audiences, but how do we do all of those things simultaneously when our listeners don’t understand our aims or vocabulary? Elevator pitches are about presenting a product or idea, using a distilled message to make a sale or win over a key player, […]

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