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Digital storytelling for humanists

Long long ago…. Once upon a time… Digital storytelling is buzzy right now, and I think it would be interesting to gather and talk about what that means for the way humanists communicate with the public. This could be in terms of personal or organization branding or presenting research. I’d also like to dig into […]

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Tools and Tactics for Advocacy and Outreach

N.B.: I began this post before seeing John Glover‘s Shock and Awe proposal. These could easily be combined. For those lucky enough to have jobs that directly relate to the Digital Humanities, whether you’re working in academia, museums, libraries, or archives, part of your job is to advocate to the unconvinced. While those that created […]

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Synchronicity 1 (PowerPoint Unhinged)

I'd like to bring PowerPoint back to THATCamp. No, not like that. Many THATCampers will know that I'm interested in performance and deformance in digital humanities, something I've written about <a href="">here</a> and Mark Sample has written about <a href="">here</a>. In a <a href="">recent episode of the podcast Roderick on the Line</a>, John Roderick described […]

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