Tad Suiter


Recent history PhD currently (and hopefully temporarily) without institutional affiliation. Looking forward to meeting some people in the New England DH community.

I've been going to THATCamps since the first one-- although during that first one, I was just a shy, lowly grad assistant at CHNM, and didn't feel like I "belonged" at THATCamp, so I just hung out in the Center doing metadata and heard about the day. The next year, I actually screwed up my courage and attended, and had an amazing time.

I'm now the owner of a large collection of THATCamp tee-shirts.

I'm very interested in the intersection of academic and public history, digital methods for both scholarly communication and cultural institution outreach, situating DH in terms of media history more broadly, and looking at the ways digital methods can help us do media history. I'm passionate about archives, museums, and access.

I'm also interested in social justice issues, issues related to technology and accessibility, and at the more "yack"-y end of DH, using critical theory to look at the sometimes-problematic implications of our digital projects.

Outside of the DH and Public Humanities realms, my interests also include history of communications, black history, whiteness studies, history of rhetoric, and comics studies.

I play the ukulele, badly.

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