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Posts describing or linking to projects submitted to the THATCamp Prime 2013 Maker Challenge.

Maker Challenge: Introducing Moby Schtick

Introducing my entry into the THATCamp Maker Challege: Moby Schtick, a Twitter bot that randomly mashes up tweets from comedian Rob Delaney (“the funniest person on Twitter”) with passages from his favorite novel, Moby-Dick (“the funniest book about sperm whales”). Be forewarned, this bot is NSFW (Not Safe for Whaling). Sample tweets: I avoid controversy […]

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Maker Challenge: Visualizing Promotions in the U.S. Navy, 1798-1849

In American naval history, officer promotions have gotten a lot of offhanded comments but little substantive analysis (one exception I just found: Waiting for Dead Men’s Shoes, by Donald Chisholm, a book I look forward to reading at greater length). The commonplace assertion is something like this: After the War of 1812, it became almost impossible for […]

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Maker Challenge: THATCamp CHNM Comic

I'll admit it, what I spent my day creating is completely useless, but it was fun to make! Click the link to get to the full five page comic. <a href=""></a> &nbsp; To make this, I used an ipad and its camera, the app called Comic Life, and dropbox. The whole flow is easier on […]

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Synchronicity 1 (PowerPoint Unhinged)

I'd like to bring PowerPoint back to THATCamp. No, not like that. Many THATCampers will know that I'm interested in performance and deformance in digital humanities, something I've written about <a href="">here</a> and Mark Sample has written about <a href="">here</a>. In a <a href="">recent episode of the podcast Roderick on the Line</a>, John Roderick described […]

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