Because THATCamp is an unconference, much the agenda will be decided during the first session of the first day (Friday 6/7 at 9:30am). Learn more about how unconferences in general and THATCamp in particular work at THATCamp 101 and our “About” page.

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  1. Back in February Amanda posted that campers should be aware that THATCamp CHNM will “also be booking a speaker for the Rosenzweig Forum for the late afternoon or early evening on Thursday, June 6, the night before THATCamp officially begins.” Is there an update, please?

  2. Ah, I forgot to mention in my most recent email that there will *not* be a Rosenzweig Forum on Thursday the 6th after all. Two potential speakers fell through, and another Rosenzweig Forum was organized at the Library of Congress a few weeks ago.

  3. Do the workshop rooms have PCs that campers can use? I know it is better to bring your own laptop but that may not be possible. Thanks.

  4. No, sadly, none of them do (we’re very short on computer rooms at GMU, and none of them are near CHNM), but I will bring an extra laptop that you’re welcome to use on a Guest account if you like. It’s a MacBook Pro. Came in handy last year when one poor soul left her laptop on the train coming in …

  5. This year we’re not doing signups for workshops, George — just show up on the day. For a couple of them one needs accounts in advance, but I’ll email everyone about that.

  6. I won’t be able to arrive until Saturday AM, but I would like to attend all three Omeka workshops on the 8th. Will this be a problem? Thanks.

  7. I may have missed or not received an email with more information on signing up for things. I am driving down from central Pennsylvania early Friday morning and will try to make it to at least part of the scheduling session, but whether or not I make it on time depends entirely upon how much rush hour traffic I hit around Baltimore and Washington DC (definitely NOT looking forward to getting through that again!). Is that alright? Can I still register and get information about the schedule if I arrive after 11am?

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