Toolkit for THATCamp newbies, Dreambook edition

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  1. Great source materials, Yvonne. While exploring DH tools and how to build, also reflect on the goal of what you’re seeking to build and why. For example, is your goal to write about and display these sources as supporting visual evidence? If so, then you could expand on what you’ve done above with WordPress. Or is your goal to curate items and encourage others to contribute digital uploads and testimonies about their own magical sources? Then look at Omeka, the contribute plugin, and examples such as History Harvest ( Or perhaps you’re looking for analysis tools to map their authorship or readership, or detect patterns across the texts? That would require additional tools, but you could incorporate results into WordPress, Omeka, or other platforms above.

  2. Yvonne, I like that you’ve mentioned your project, because then you can get ideas and advice about tools that work specifically for it. I’d love to help out. Regarding non-text dh, I’d also like to brainstorm about types of sources related to your dream book project. I don’t know where you want to go with it, but you could start thinking about audio and visual materials to incorporate. If you build the project with online content, then the sky’s the limit. I’m interested in what you could do with that numerology system and dream interpretation especially.

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