Teaching Digital History

10 Responses to Teaching Digital History

  1. Thanks, Jeff! I’ve heard you talk about this before, but I’ve recently agreed to teach HIST 390: The Digital Past again and would love a chance to brainstorm / vent about it.

  2. Really looking forward to this one! I teach a course on digital methods and resources in Africana studies. It’s multidisciplinary but borrows heavily from the work being done in digital history.

  3. I also just agreed to teach a digital history class to undergrads and would love to discuss some ideas, pitfalls to avoid. Looking forward to it!

  4. Most excellent! Have taught online quite a bit, but probably in the equivalent of horse-and-buggy mode. Especially looking forward to exploring “not-so-obvious pitfalls”…

  5. Excellent suggestion, Jeffrey! I will be teaching a graduate course on digital humanities in the School of Library and Information Science (soon to be a department in the School of Arts and Sciences) at Catholic University in January, 2014. Looking to brainstorm with others!

  6. Hi Jack, yes, I’ve written a number of blog posts and essays on teaching using these digital history projects, including several on ProfHacker and on one of my own blogs, Techist. I’ll talk about some of these during the workshop tomorrow.