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Astro Tag: Crowdsourcing Description of Images from Digitized Books

In the last session we took the metadata games app pulled in a bunch of images from astronomy books up on project gutenberg (It’s easy to find the image files in their books) and stood it up as a way to crowdsource identification of images from these books. Read about metadata games here. In the session our group worked up some details on […]

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Maker Challenge: Honor Thy Contributors Omeka Plugin

In the rich soup that is digital humanities, there are a few ingredients that lend a special flavor. One of these is collaboration: far from being taboo, collaboration is the encouraged mode of working. Another ingredient is open source: we borrow and build on each other’s code and data to make even more interesting things. A […]

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Maker Challenge: WordPress plugin for displaying related items from the DPLA

My entry for the Maker Challenge is WP DPLA, a WordPress plugin for displaying related items from the Digital Public Library on your blog posts. The DPLA has lots of cool content, and WP DPLA is a way to help your readers discover and explore that content. It takes the tags you’ve assigned to your […]

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Maker Challenge: Visualizing Promotions in the U.S. Navy, 1798-1849

In American naval history, officer promotions have gotten a lot of offhanded comments but little substantive analysis (one exception I just found: Waiting for Dead Men’s Shoes, by Donald Chisholm, a book I look forward to reading at greater length). The commonplace assertion is something like this: After the War of 1812, it became almost impossible for […]

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Maker Challenge: THATCamp CHNM Comic


I'll admit it, what I spent my day creating is completely useless, but it was fun to make! Click the link to get to the full five page comic. <a href=""></a> &nbsp; To make this, I used an ipad and its camera, the app called Comic Life, and dropbox. The whole flow is easier on […]

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