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I tried playing with some of these ideas in this google doc from a while that I never shared "The Open Society for Digital Historians" Folks should feel free to jump in and add ideas or bring it up. 

Fred Gibbs and I started experimenting with the idea of running a "Digital History Review" This is It's just an exploratory experiment we ran for a while, but if other folks wanted to be involved in it we could think about doing that. 

Issues to consider for continuing conversations: differences/similiarities between digital history and digital humanities

So this exists  American Association for History and Computing: but it's basicly dormant. What would be a way to make a new thing? Or revive this thing? has Commons in the Box installed, ready to go.

History as a discipline is an important distinction, and it's ok to identify closely with that as our work

What can history as a discipline learn from what's working and not working with MLA Commons (  [Remember the early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese]

The Programming Historian 2:

There is the #twitterstorian tag which has it's own steady feed of twitter activity. The #histsci tag is also very active as a history of science converstaion. 

Are there differences between publishing digital history and publishing history digitally?

Questions/Disciplinary differences to explore:

  • Teaching?
  • Ethos?
  • Scholarly Communication Needs?
  • Building an aggregator of digital history on the web?
  • National differences in collaboration
  • Place to identify the DHist sessions at conferences
  • Audience: 

The Vault column of

Public historians History@Work

On the connections between public history and digital history, check out this post from @foundhistory:

Oral Historian Association, and other work, such as Oral History in the Digital Age:

There is still this big list of history blogs 

Group blogs: 

Digital historians with blogs:

History Carnivals 

 Common-Place "Common-place is a common place for exploring and exchanging ideas about early American history and culture."
There is "Global Perspectives on Digital History" which is a pressforward digital history publication 

Directories of Digital Historians: Exists at the Digital History Project at UNL:

  • project reviews, tool reviews

Using the existing structure of THATCamp to provide a space to build more community. How to make an open welcoming community…..

Is this working?

Things to do as individuals:

  • Birds of a Feather Dinners at conferences — prepublicized, not just a tweetup?
  • Posting conference sessions


  • Place to talk about digital history issues
  • You might be a digital historian if…?  Do you do these things?
  • Issues related to tenure and promotion and getting jobs
  • What are issues particular to historians?
  • Resources for graduate students?
  • Resouces for faculty members who are often the only ones in their department?
  • What are the opportunities for technical people to jump in to help solves particular issues?
  • Places to find fellow panelists for sessions at existing scholarly conferences

How can historians get involved in Digital Humanities organizations like the Association of Computers and the Humanities?  [which feeds into Association for Digital Humanities Organizations]  Sign up to review panels for DH: 

DHCommons: From ProfessMoravec via Twitter, on participation and experience w/DH Commons:
"unwieldy, easy for smaller projects to get lost, but valuable repository, most of us have an entry & never gone back to it, I got a few queries but didn't work well for collaboration, unlike twitter"

Communicate the hard problems that historians want to solve that CS folks can help.

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