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Imagining THATClass: Move over STEM, Make Room for THAT!

Why should STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) have all the fun? It is time for the humanities to embrace the studio model as a pedagogical means to foster intellectual curiosity. MIT has NuVu; let’s create THATClass! Bring your ideas on partnerships, collaboration, technology integration, hands-on projects, uncovering content, and ways to apply knowledge and […]

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Papers of the War Department Transcribathon

Fire destroyed the War Department office in 1800. For decades historians believed that its files, and the window they provide into the early federal government, had been lost forever. The Papers of the War Department project unites copies of over 45,000 documents from the lost files in a digital archive that reconstitutes this invaluable historical […]

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QGIS Introduction

The value of GIS in the humanities has been heavily discussed over the last few years, but it remains difficult for most humanists to get started and explore new methodologies, vocabularies, software, and procedures. This fully introductory session will go over: how to install QGIS (a free, open-source alternative to ArcGIS) basic concepts of GIS […]

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More about NARA transcribathon and tagathon

Meredith Stewart and colleagues from the National Archives will be running Transcribathon and Tagathon sessions on Friday, June 7. Here’s her description: Staff from the National Archives will lead participants in tagging and transcribing historical records through the agency’s Citizen Archivist Dashboard. Participants will be able to provide feedback and suggestions on improving tools and […]

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De-MOOCing the Past — Alternative Approaches to Online History Courses

Looking past MOOC mania, there are many models for online teaching and learning. We’ll start the conversation at this workshop with some lessons learned from designing two asynchronous online history courses: Hidden in Plain Sight and Virginia Studies. Instructors include Kelly Schrum, Celeste Sharpe, Nate Sleeter, and Jeri Wieringa. View Notes and Resources

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