Intermediate Omeka

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  1. Can you also talk about setting up the csv file in excel? For some reason I was able to get a CSV file of metadata to work in the older Omeka version but I must be doing something wrong in the new version. Is there a preferred way to write dates? I noticed there’s a difference in the import choices. I was told that it just doesn’t work. hmm…

  2. FYI, the difficulty I ran into with my own existing installations having certain pages unexpectedly 404 was due to my having a WordPress installation in my root (top-level) directory and then installing Omeka in subdirectories. The two applications conflict a bit, or rather their .htaccess files do. After the workshop, I found the forum post at and fixed the issue in about 3 minutes, though I grant you it takes some experience with the command line and .htaccess to be able to do so. I put a tip to that effect in the “installation unsuccessful” section of the Omeka installation instructions at