Build a Repository of DH Job Letters, T&P Files

3 Responses to Build a Repository of DH Job Letters, T&P Files

  1. That’s interesting. It could almost be part of the same repository that Sarah proposed for publication contracts, or hers could be part of yours. At any rate, I’d like to compare the publication contracts that DHers negotiate with the contracts negotiated by traditional t-t faculty.

    As web administrator I am hereby taking under advisement the proposal to make your categories “exhibitionism” and “shaming” part of the general pervasive infrastructure.

  2. My professional reputation is definitely crafted from a tissue of lies, but I’m happy to share the digital version of my own recent promotion file as well as letters I’ve written for others.

  3. Sean, I also think as part of this conversation we could discuss the thought process behind building and managing a cohesive digital presence for DH’ers. In general I think we don’t consider (or forget) the fact that in a hiring process–for any position and at any organization–the first thing most of us will do is take to Google and see what comes up. Getting hired or promoted requires that we, as candidates, “market” ourselves. Our online presence (or lack thereof) of social profiles, blogs, websites, etc., becomes very important to that process and should be organized to help support our package/portfolio/credentials.