R for humanists

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  1. Fred: I’ll be there. I’ve been using R for charting data and for making maps. I’d like to learn how you do text mining with R, and perhaps we can talk about R more generally.

  2. Hi Fred, this looks great. I’ve been meaning to jump into R for a while, maybe this will be the spark I need. Should we supply our own text files, or will you have a set to work with?

  3. @Lincoln: great! do be warned that this is incredibly introductory, but i’m certainly looking forward to hearing more about how you use R for mapping. Hopefully the session can branch out from my simple walk-thru.

    @Zach: great question. i’ll supply a few trivial sets of texts for us to play with, but it would be fun to have your own as well, even if just a handful of to get practice working on a new set.

  4. I wish I could be at THATCamp Prime this year, but since I can’t, I’ll at least contribute a suggestion: use RStudio (www.rstudio.com/ ) as the integrated development environment. It’s the best I’ve used in my (limited) R experience.